Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spiritual Goal Breakdown

One of the five goals I have for myself this year is a spiritual goal.  This goal will help keep me centered and focused on what really matters throughout 2014.  My spiritual goal is to connect with God each day through prayer, reading his Word and reflection.  How am I going to do this?

My first strategy is to begin the day in prayer before I get out of bed to get myself started right.  This allows me to connect first thing with God thanking him for another day and praying for his strength and guidance.  I have set my alarm a little earlier this year so that I can read from Bible each morning before getting online or going to work. While I shower, get dressed and on my drive to work I can continue to connect with God by reflecting on what I have read and pray for wisdom.

In addition to this intentional time of connecting with God in the morning, I am incorporating other strategies to connect with God throughout the day.  One is to utilize an application called myPraypal to organize and keep track of prayer requests.  I have put this app on the front screen of my iPhone so I make sure to see it each time open my phone. This helps me to make sure to open up my prayer lists at least once a day to pray for the needs of others God has put on my heart.  I would encourage you to check out myPraypal if you want to make prayer a more central part of your new year.

At another time each day I will also be reading through the book of Proverbs monthly throughout the year.  There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and they are not too long.  It will average out to about 5 minutes a day to reflect on God's book of Wisdom which is something I can always use more of.

In addition to my quiet time with the Lord individually I plan on doing a family devotional with William and a marriage devotional with Anna throughout the year.

Making sure that I am focusing on God's Word, my prayer life and connecting with him will be vital for me to have a successful 2014.  Do you have any spiritual goals this year?

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